A Business Plan

Youngstown SCORE executives have decades of experience in both creating and reviewing business plans. We share this expert advice for free.  You can review some of the content online but we recommend that you take advantage of our free counseling services by making a confidential appointment with your SCORE mentors today by email or by calling 330-941-2948!

The reason this topic is of particular importance is that the majority of our clients have questions in this area. We provide an array of services to small business owners but one common need tends to be for this content.  Therefore, please take a few moments to review this critical section.

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This section gives a layout of the various sections in the plan and their general purpose.

Our answer here provides an overview of the typical process.

We are often introducing our clients to this concept. Many business owners first learn of the need for a plan when they seek a loan. However, there's a more important function.

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