A Business Plan is For Everyone

The real question isn’t “Who should create a business plan?” but “Who shouldn’t?”  Every company truly needs a detailed strategy on how they expect to succeed, or they are rolling with the punches.  The business plan helps small business owners forecast their expenditures, develop their competitive strategy, and be proactive rather than reactive.

Many of our mentors come from large fortune 500 hundred organizations and they will note that a business plan is also developed for projects within a company, not merely for the company as a whole.

For example, if you are considering buying a expensive machine that will enable your manufacturing operation to significantly increase capacity, you could develop a small business plan to access the risk of that project. The project can be treated as if it were a stand-alone business.

SCORE Youngstown has all the tools, templates, samples and examples that you need to create your plan. Our experienced staff will volunteer their time to help you through the process, whether you are starting a new company or if you are already in business.

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Who should create a business plan?