After 25 years of working at a health insurance company, Darlene Donatiello decided to fulfill her dream of opening a pet grooming store. Darlene, who graduated from a pet grooming school in the mid 80's, says she got the idea to open a self-service dog wash shop from Facebook. 

My successes. 

Dar's Dirty Dogs is growing and partners with a local dog pound for events as well has offering a free wash for new owners to encourage dog donations. When the shop opened in May, two months later, the schedule was booked up until August.

How SCORE helped. 

Darlene's mentors were able to assist her by reviewing her business plan and validating her idea and approach for Dar's Dirty Dogs. With her financing set in place, Darlene was able to develop an agenda and begin to complete tasks on her list quickly. "I wrote it down and checked things off as they were accomplished," says Darlene.

Dar's Dirty Dogs