"The past two year's yearly and monthly goals were researched and discussed to adequately advise and help me understand what to expect in the second half of 2013. The year was a huge success! The goals discussed and planned were almost dead on to what Trendy accomplished for the second half of 2013. 2014 is following suit by growing each month as planned and predicted. Trendy's stylist program has expanded to four stylists and a second location has been added to the Canfield, Ohio area. I felt so blessed to have been able to work with such a great panel of men that helped me reach my goals and make my dream into a reality. I hope and pray that Trendy will keep growing in many different pathways and I will always thank SCORE for helping me have these opportunities."

How SCORE helped. 

Trendy Trousseau was a small clothing business already established but at a crossroads of growth. It had sustained and maintained at a small level but needed to be nurtured to achieve the next level of success. Trendy always had a business plan and mission in place but needed guidance to understand the necessary steps to grow. SCORE helped Trendy put all the necessary steps in place to help in the growing process. This consisted of calculating monthly goals, purchasing inventory, and calculating the amount of inventory to purchase to sustain seasonal goals.

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